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Self-Priming Water Pump

Self priming pump is known for its compact design and high suction and pressure capacity, this pump is also known as domestic or residential use self priming monoblock pump. This is also a common type of water pump used in mainly India and Asian regions. Variety of self priming centrifugal pump is available in market hence working mechanism and use are almost the same. You can well understand the product by its name as well, self-priming defines self-starting and automatic suction that generates and it can directly uplift and pressurize the fluid. It is a combination of two technologies in one body it has inbuilt ac motor mechanism with the pump head. Pump head has impeller and bushings that generates suction of air and fluid so that fluid can easily draw upside or outside. Other one part of self priming motor is electric winded motor mechanism which helps impeller perform its action of centrifugal force.

Combination of this two mechanism gives best ever result for overhead tank refilling. This self priming water pumps are mostly used in resident sectors for water transportation needs that’s why this kind of water pumps are also called as residential water motors or residential self priming motors and pumps. Self priming water pump is installed at a dry place which is well protected from rain fall. It cannot be used under water.
For Indian residential system Self priming water pump gives the most innovative way of water transportation. These pumps are for residents which are based on grounds like in small villages residential tenement societies and villas who have to transport water from underground tank to overhead tank. Also Self priming water pump is used for cleaning of solar panels and other areas. In few words Self priming water pump can also be said domestic use water pump.
““Chetak”” Self priming water pump is made from best quality material like, well balanced and tested impellers, standard ball bearings, and best quality bushes and seals to protect leakages Self priming water pump has part which is high efficient and quality ac electric induction motor which is specialty of ““Chetak”” brand which results you long lasting and durable heavy duty work, doesn’t matter how long it works it will definitely give you equal performance that’s the mastery of ““Chetak”” brand products.

Structure of Self Priming Water pump

“Chetak” Self priming water pumps are designed and made by experts and experienced technicians, the Self priming motor is well designed to generate and produce best hydraulic efficiency and the suction lift property. The Self priming water pump is having fan-cooled AC induction motor, suitable for long performance. The induction motor stator is made CRI material which can handle heavy load and pressure. The whole structure is covered with high quality casting body frame.

Our best quality rotors will give you vibration less and noise free performance.

Self priming water pump is well known for its compact design and structure which gives you high efficiency with low power consumption and appropriate pressure with best suction capacity. This Self priming motor looks tiny and performs highly.

Features and benefits of Self Priming Water pump

“Chetak” domestic and residential self priming pumps are loaded with best features and have its own benefits like high quality electrical stamping, a variable voltage band, monoset structure and various specifications as per your need.

The Self priming water pump is well known for low power consumption with high efficiency.

  • 1. This pump has best suction lifting properties.
  • 2. Well balanced revolving parts like rotor and impeller.
  • 3. A Self priming water pump is a best example of balanced and stiff structure.
  • 4. It comes with powerful suction, capacitor for starting and a motor as a part of water pump.
  • 5. Single shaft design for long durability of alignment.

The “Chetak” brand water pumps offer Self priming water pumps up to 1.5 HP.

Self priming water pumps pipe dimensions are in a range of 12 mm to 38 mm.

Always keep in mind that before purchase you must find perfect capacity based on your use so that you can get expected results.

Most demanded Self priming water pumps are 0.5 HP and 2 HP for residential / domestic use.

Self priming water pumps are available in single phase (1ph) and Three Phase (3ph)

Tip: The force and flow of water also depends on size of pipe attached to the pump, so always ask for best suitable pipe.

To buy “Chetak” brand best Self priming water pump inquire now


  • High discharge with low power consumption
  • Self-priming with built-in Non Return Valve
  • Metal shielded double walled bearing, no need of external lubrication
  • Chrome plated steel shaft for a long life which avoids rusting
  • Sturdy motor body
  • Locked impeller for better and consistent performance
  • Rigid handle for easy lifting
  • Motor can withstand wide voltage fluctuations (180v – 240v)
  • TEFC, Capacitor-start, and run motor
  • B’/F’ Class insulation

Application of Self Priming Water Pump

  • Domestic Establishments
  • Small Irrigation & Landscape
  • Small Farms & Resorts
  • Gardens & Nurseries
  • Industry & Civil applications

Specification of Centrifugal Monoblock Pump

Phase Single/Three Phase
Series CSP
Power Range 0.5 to 2 HP (1PH) ,0.5 to 3 HP (3PH)
Speed 1440 & 2880
Duty S1
Insulation Class E
Discharge range 10 lpm to 100 lpm
Head range 10 feet to 150 feet
Version 220-240V,
50 Hz,
A.C.-1 Phase,
Permanent Split capacitor (PSC) 350-440V - 3 Phase
Suction lift up to 8 mtr
Suction x delivery size 12 mm to 50mm

Material of Construction

Pump Casing Cast Iron/S.S
Motor Body Ci/Alluminum alloy
Impeller Bronze
Shaft Ss410
Sealing Mechanical
Seal (Carbon V/s Ceramic )
Diffuser Stainless Steel / Bronze

An ISO 9001:2015
Certified Company

As per ISI
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Get every single answers from here.

This pump is used for water suction and lifting.
No, this pump is designed to keep water out and is used to suction and pump water, so it cannot be kept inside
No, putting water in this pump will destroy this pump. Because this pump is made of a combination of a motor and a pump, so motor is not water proof.
Since the electric motor is not water proof, if water gets inside the motor the motor will burn and get damaged.
Chetak Brand self priming pump is best and good quality for suction and lifting water
You can install this self priming pump by click on this link given below and see the manual to install it.

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