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Centrifugal MonoBlock Pump

Centrifugal monoblock pump is a common type of pump mostly used in India and some Asian countries. Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps with multistage functionality are available in market. The name itself shows its working and functionality where word centrifugal stands for generating centrifugal force from its centrifugal motor and word monoblock stands for a technology that attaches two different parts and working for one result. So, centrifugal monoblock pump is a pump which functions with centrifugal electric motor connected thru single shaft with monoblock pump head. Two types of centrifugal monoblock pumps are there horizontal and vertical; both pumps are installed at a dry place which is well protected from rain fall. It cannot be used under water.

For Indian agriculture Centrifugal monoset Pumps are the most innovative irrigation system. These pumps are for farmers who don’t want their farming get run out of water due to low raining they can easily get water from open well and canals with help of centrifugal monoblock pump.
Chetak Centrifugal monoblock pumps are made from best quality material like, well balanced and tested impellers, standard ball bearings, and best quality seals to protect leakages. Monoblock pump is connected with single shafted high efficient and quality ac electric induction motor which is speciality of Chetak brand which results you long lasting and durable heavy duty work, doesn’t matter how long it works it will definitely give you equal performance that’s the mastery of Chetak brand products.
Not just farming and agriculture needs chetak brand centrifugal monoblock pump set is used for irrigation needs at various places like, hospitals, nurseries, domestic water supply chain, industrial purpose water circulation system, dripping and sprinklers, gardening, industries and hotels.

Structure of centrifugal monoblock pump

Chetak centrifugal monoblock multistage pumps are designed and made by experts and experienced technicians, the centrifugal monoset pumps are well designed to generate and produce best hydraulic efficiency and the suction lift property. The monoblock pump is connected with fan-cooled AC induction motor, suitable for long performance. The induction motor stator is made of low-watt loss CRNO material which can handle heavy load and pressure. The whole structure is covered with high quality casting body frame.

Our best quality rotors will give you vibration less and noise free performance.

Centrifugal monoblock pumps are well known for its design and structure which gives you high efficiency with low power consumption and appropriate pressure with best suction capacity.

Features and benefits of centrifugal monoblock pump

Chetak agricultural self priming pumps are loaded with best features and have its own benefits like high quality electrical stamping, a variable voltage band, monoset structure and various specifications as per your need.

The centrifugal monoblock pumps are well known for low power consumption with high efficiency.

  • 1. This pump has best suction lifting properties.
  • 2. Well balanced revolving parts like rotor and impeller.
  • 3. A centrifugal monoset pump is a best example of balanced and stiff structure.
  • 4. It comes with powerful suction, capacitor for starting and a motor connected to moonset pump
  • 5. Single shaft design for long durability of alignment.

The Chetak brand water pumps offer single phase centrifugal monoblock pumps 1/8 Hp to 2 HP. And three phase centrifugal monoblock pumps 0.5 HP to 7.5 HP.

Centrifugal monoblock pumps dimensions are in a range of 25×25 mm to 100×100 mm.

Always keep in mind that before purchase you must find perfect capacity based on your use so that you can get expected results.

Most demanded centrifugal monoblock pumps are 0.5 HP and 1 HP for domestic use and 5 HP to 7.5 HP for irrigation, farming and commercial / industrial use.

Generally centrifugal monoblock pumps are demanded in single phase (1 ph ) but it can also be available on request in 3 phase.

Tip: The force and flow of water also depends on size of pipe attached to the pump, so always ask for best suitable pipe.

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  • High discharge with low power consumption
  • Metal shielded double walled bearing, no need of external lubrication
  • Chrome plated steel shaft for a long life which avoids rusting
  • Sturdy motor body
  • Locked impeller for better and consistent performance
  • Rigid handle for easy lifting
  • Motor can withstand wide voltage fluctuations (180v – 240v)
  • TEFC, Capacitor-start, and run motor
  • B’/F’ Class insulation

Application of Centrifugal Monoblock Pump

  • Gardening and irrigation
  • Agriculture, farms, civil, application
  • Industries for clear water handling, cooling tower.
  • Water supply for domestic use in apartments, hotels, swimming pools,
  • Automobile service station, hospitals, clubs, hostels, power plants, firefighting.

Specification of Centrifugal Monoblock Pump

Phase Single/Three Phase
Series CCMP
Power Range 1/8 to 2 HP (1PH),0.5 to7.5 HP (3PH)
Speed 2880rpm
Discharge Range 30 lpm to 1250 lpm
Head Range 8mtr to 35mtr
Suction lift up to 8mtr
Suction x Delivery size 12.5 mm to 75mm
Version 220-240V,
50 Hz,
A.C.-1 Phase,
Permanent Split capacitor (PSC) 350-440V - 3 Phase
Insulation Class E
Duty S1

Material of Construction

Pump Casing Cast Iron
Motor Body Cast Iron
Impeller Cast Iron/PVC
Shaft EN 8
Sealing Mechanical Seal (Carbon & Ceramic),
Asbestos Gland Rope Packing

An ISO 9001:2015
Certified Company

As per ISI
Standards Products

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Since the electric motor is not water proof, if water gets inside the motor the motor will burn and get damaged.
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